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Cleft Palate Dental Careby Robert McKinstry, D.M.D., M.D.S., M.A.

ISBN: 978-1-886236-22-6 • Paper • 80 pages
6 x 9 • Illustrated • Acid Free Paper • Index • $22.00

The earliest reports of surgical repair of clefts can be found as early as 390 B.C. These early reports and subsequent early developments involved the surgical repair of the cleft of the lip without the use of anesthesia. Not until the mid to late 1800’s did advances in anesthesia allow advances in surgery that led to surgical repair of congenital cleft palate patients. Subsequent developments in anesthesia, particularly in intubation and the use of specialized mouth gags, led to many surgical advances in the repair of both the lip and palate.

Historically, advances and developments in dental care of cleft palate patients have been effected by developments in the areas of surgery and anesthesia. In Cleft Palate Dental Care, the reader is provided a full background for placing in perspective the current developments in the restorative and prosthodontic treatment of cleft palate patients as it has developed relative to historic developments in surgery and anesthetic management.



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