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Dictionary of Prostheic Rehabilitationedited by David Trainer, Robert McKinstry, John Mcfall

ISBN : 978-1-886236-18-9 • Paper • 288 pages
6 x 9 • Acid Free Paper• $35.00

ABI Professional Publications is pleased to offer a dictionary of terminology for the prosthetic restoration professional. The fields involved in the restoration by prosthetic means of missing facial and somato structures have been rapidly expanding over the past two decades. Professionals in the field must now be conversant with the disciplines of prosthodontics, prosthetics, anaplastology, ocular prosthetics, material science, and medical art.                                                           

The Dictionary of Prosthetic Rehabilitation provides the professional with a single-source, comprehensive book containing definitions of the terms used by members of the various professional fields working together in prosthetic restoration. More than 2,500 terms are covered in this easy to use reference.





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