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The Journal of Facial and Somato Prosthetics provides current and timely information for the professional in the fields of facial prosthetics, prosthetic materials, artificial limb prosthetics, ocular prosthetics, surgical preparation for prosthetics, prosthetic education, and computer applications in prosthetics.

The Journal contains articles by top professionals from around the world in the field from both basic science and clinical application areas, with a focus on advances in materials, techniques, and procedures that will have a direct clinical impact. The Journal also offers readers columns dealing with academic and professional course offerings, abstracts on articles of professional interest from other publications, and book reviews.

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Journal of Facial and Somato Prosthetics --First issue, September 1995. All issues are available. For a copy of the table of contents of each issue, please click on the issue number(s) below:

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Volume 1 Number 1 (9/95)

Volume 2 Number 1 (2/96)

Volume 2 Number 2 (8/96)

Volume 3 Number 1 (3/97)

Volume 3 Number 2 (11/97)

Volume 4 Number 1 (5/98)

Volume 4 Number 2 (11/98)

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