Living Well with Disability

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by Andrew I. Batavia, J.D., M.S.

ISBN: 978-1-886236-34-9 • Hardcover
368 pages • 6 x 9 • Illustrated • Acid Free Paper • Index • $39.00

Digital Edition, ISBN: 978-1-886237-41-7 • $39.00

In this important book, my former health policy aide Drew Batavia comprehensively examines the independent living model of long-term care. The independent living model offers a key option for people who need long-term care, and should be seriously considered by policymakers at all levels. John McCain, United States Senator

. . . provides essential information and perspective for anyone interested in long-term care policy. Andrew Batavia, drawing on his extensive knowledge, insight, wit, and passion, has written an exemplary book, one that can serve as a model for serious discussion of any health policy issue. Victor R. Fuchs, Ph.D., Henry J.      Kaiser Jr. Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

In Independent Living, the author provides readers with a thorough understanding of independent living as a viable option in selecting long-term care. Designed for policy-makers, medical professionals, and knowledgeable consumers, the work offers personal insight into the problems that may be encountered, as well as public policy, legal, and cost considerations in evaluating the option. It also presents a thorough review of all present long-term care options, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of independent living, and laying out the criteria for when it is the appropriate option.

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