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Managing Post-PolioManaging Post-Polio
A Guide to Living and Aging Well
with Post-Polio Syndrome

Second Edition

Edited by Lauro Halstead, M.D.

● ISBN 978-1-886236-47-9 ● 304 pages, 6x9 ● Illustrated ● Index ● hardcover  ● $29.95 ●

ABI Professional Publications  is pleased to offer a fully-revised Second Edition of the highly respected Managing Post-Polio, a reference guide to living and aging well with post-polio syndrome. Managing Post-Polio: A Guide to Living and Aging Well With Post-Polio Syndrome has retained all the highly regarded content of the first edition while being fully updated with: 

            • all-new resources lists and references

            • Complete new sections on living and aging well with post-polio syndrome

            • Expanded and updated chapters throughout

            • Up-to-date information on the latest medical developments

            • New personal stories from persons who have prevailed in the face of ongoing                                    disability

            Edited by Lauro S. Halstead, M.D., Managing Post-Polio, 2nd Edition, provides a comprehensive overview dealing with the medical, psychological, vocational, and many other challenges of living with post-polio syndrome. With contributions from over 15 healthcare professionals, the majority of whom are polio survivors themselves, Managing Post-Polio distills and summarizes the wealth of information presented from over the past 20 plus years.


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